Phoenix & Beau Vegan Soaps


Thanks @Neilo
This is good to know as I was afraid is not going to fit, I have small shaving bowl where I was planning to keep it as I mainly face lather.
I've had a couple of shaves with Wilderness now. I love the scent, it is very piney and good strength but not too overpowering, perfect imo.

I loaded the brush for about 10 seconds which is plenty and then built up lather in a bowl. This soap takes a lot of water and the lather just explodes.

It feels great on the face. One thing I've noticed is the consistency is quite different to most other soaps I've used and it isn't quite as slick as its tallow based counterparts but performance is still great.

Where it really excels for me is post shave. This has to be my favourite soap from this point of view - my face feels great.

I also love the fact that these are smaller soaps, I've been wanting someone to do this for a while. All in all, a great addition to the collection and I'm looking forward to trying the other scents.

Thanks @phoenixandbeau
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