Phoenix&Beau: My vegan & tallow shaving soaps [testers required]

Evening all,

Some time ago I set myself the challenge of wanting to create a vegan soap that could match the established tallow based products. I'm on to the 7th iteration of the formula and I think I'm almost there :). My testers to date have really enjoyed shaving with my soap and feedback has been great. That said, I know these folk personally and whilst I ask them to remain objective, it isn't quite the same as sharing it with complete strangers.

From a personal perspective I have been using it [on rotation] for almost 6 months now and enjoy it tremendously. I feel that the latest version has done very well when I've compared it back to back with the established brands out there. If I may I'd like to spare you the detail of my own assessment of its performance as I'm keen to gather (and learn from) unbiased critical feedback.

Feeling sufficiently brave enough :eek: I come to you all seeking community feedback on the formula and also a range of [essential oil only] scents I've been tinkering away with for almost a year. To that end can I interest any of you to help me fine tune the formula and provide feedback on that and my scent range, please?

Rather than keeping the scents completely anonymous each sample will be labelled accordingly and, as part of the fun, I'd love to hear what you detect in each one. They are named below and from each name you might (or you might not :p) have an inkling as to which part of the fragrance spectrum I've gone after :D;
  • Albion
  • Boudicea
  • Citra Royale
  • Lavandula
  • Sanskrit
  • Solaris
I propose to send each tester a sample of my soap [unscented] (cosmetically safety assessed*); with that will be a scent sample of the above fragrances but contained on coffee filter paper. I've found this to be one of the best ways to let a scent stabilize before I stick my schnozz in and grab a big lungful. *Sufficient interest in testing will determine how soon I get it assessed. My chemist has my formula and is just waiting for me to give him the nod.

As some of you might know, the costs involved in making cosmetics can quickly mount up. The more complex a fragrance the more expensive it is to have it safety assessed by an appropriately trained chemist. Lavandula and Solaris are relatively simple and contain a blend of 3 and 4 essential oils respectively. The others contain up to 12 essentials. The bolder I go on complexity the more £ I pay for the chemist to do his thing and so your feedback will be massively helpful, i.e. if I go with this which scents do I certify first, and so on.

In regards to the soap, technically speaking it's actually a croap and so the only instruction I'd suggest is that each sample should be pressed in to the bottom of a vessel of your choice, e.g. a lovely Shaving Room Bowl (thanks @Northern Saint :)). From there I'd recommend loading for 30 to 60 seconds, but each to their own; you'll find what works for you.

So to that end, would any of you like to join in the fun and lend your thoughts and wisdom, please? I'll get a handle on interest / numbers first and then go from there. Questions very welcome.

With kind regards,

Thanks so far, chaps.

We have:
1. Isaiah53
2. Fly3k
3. Nico1970
4. Grarea
5. Missingskin
6. SeanC
7. Stuart
8. Hippo
9. Globalm

Let's cap it at 12, so 5 spaces left. :)

Thanks again,

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