Parker SoloEdge

There are two versions of the Parker Solo Edgte, the early version without a magnet and the later version with a magnet a la Leaf razors. I have one on order from Your Shaving in Spain and I hope it's the early version without a magnet but I can live with a magnet. No U.K. retailers stocking it so far as far as I can see.
Been shaving with my new Parker Solo-Edge with half Silver Star blades all week. Sharpologist states the agression to be level 6 and I agree with that. In fact I would place it as about the same as my Fatip Grande Testina Gentile - efficient shave with feedback but with little blade feel on the skin resulting in little irritation if any. Attention needs to be given to the bent edges when snapping a DE blade because the top cap sits directly on top of the blade and the bent bits stop the top cap tightening all the way and needs extra pressure to tighten it which in turn could weaken the thread. In comparision the Leaf top cap doesn't cover the bent edges of the blade so avoids that problem. I flattened the bent bits with pliers but I suppose the blade could alternatively be cut with scissors. My only brickbat is the head is about the same size or just a bit less than a DE razor head so no real benefit over DE re. under the nose. It's new and that's about it. YMMV.
Neat summary @Anthorn

There'd be no issue with pre-snapped blades, I guess.

One thing I do wonder about is the very square comb, particularly the corners which follows that modern trend of moving the corners of the blade out of commission. Older razors do not do this. If you're one of those shavers that want the ends of the blade coming into play for tight corners the this might be a consideration.

I have to say, for me, that last issue made it a "no" for impulsive purchase but I'd be happy to try it ... in time.
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