Palmolive Stick Status?

My other hobby is fountain pens and old handwritten documents. Montblanc used to make an ink in Britisg Racing Green, it cost £6. They stopped production and if you can find one it will cost £100. 20 years ago Parker produced anink called Penman Sapphire, they stopped production because it blocked pens. It cost around £4, very difficult to find, even an empty bottle will cost £20, a full one and you name your own price.

There is a line in Three men in a boat where the three men decide that some tinned pineapple would be nice, they discover that they have forgotten to pack a can opener, they try every way they can think of to open the can, even hitting it with a rock. Because they couldn't have the pineapple they have an all consuming passion to eat what they cannot have.

Men want what they cannot have, ask a woman.
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