Old Tools

Not an insulting term for the more senior forum members but a reference to old equipment that might have seen better days.

At the back of my garage I have kept a very large box of old tools, spanners, spirit levels and everything else. I got bored of looking at Holly Willoughby this morning and thought I would have a look and see exactly what is in there, a peculiar pleasure in looking at and handling 70 year old craftsmans tools such as this war department issue cold chisel, perhaps from a time when tools were made to last.

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I had misread the imprint until I saw your post thinking that the & was a 3.

What is really noticeable is the quality of the steel, quite superb.

Thank you for the links, I can see that this has the potential to be another rabbit hole.

I have found a rosewood spirit level made by Rabone in Birmingham in the 1940s, the quality and pride of manufacturing is superb.
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