Nivea Men Shaving Cream - £3.42 at Amazon


Whilst our opinions are always subjective, I would say yes. I like Palmolive cream - it's a good performer. I'm inclined to say Nivea is a bit better. I certainly think it smells better - a clean aqua/marine soap type smell.

@Digimonkey also rates this cream so I'll call him in for a second opinion.
Sorry - just seen this. Yes - I like the various iterations of the Nivea cream - in my opinion it performs comfortably above the price point. It is not dissimilar to Williams. The NIvea gets the job done with a minimum of fuss and little expense. - I.
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Yes, it's the Eastern German version of Nivea that was bought by Biersdorf - the owners of Nivea after unification.

It's probably made in the same factory.
I have 2 or 3 tubes already and I have just ordered 3 more due to the give away price and to get up to £20.00 for free shipping.
Is this the one the Stasi used?
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