New UK Razor Re-plater


Very excited about the return of my resurrected Goodwill ...

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The razor came to me as just the head (thanks to my pal @ajc347 ) and it has happily sat on a reproduction early style ball-ended handle that I got from Connaught. JJ had the necessary bits to make up a carbon fibre handle which I think suits it really well.

Very excited indeed ... it's fresh out of the fryer, so to speak and will be in my hands in a couple of days.

Super chap to deal with and from the looks of this, he's very good at his work.

Alas, upon stripping the plate the razor was not all brass or I would have had it returned de-plated and polished. The cap, oddly, was some kind of alloy which JJ told me was silver in colour and he couldn't quite identify. Minor warning that it might not plate with his process, but he would polish it up regardless. Happily, the plate took ... and I think you'll agree that it looks stunning!

That is absolutely gorgeous, and very shiny. :love:
Here are three images of a GEM Zinn "Z" from 1901 or later.
On the left: That's how I bought it for not much money.
In the middle: After I cleaned it up a bit myself. That took a lot of time.
On the right: JJ did that. Just received back.


Now what to send him next?
Not too far from LHR
JJ is a top bloke. He's got all the gear for restoring, stripping, replating, servicing Gillette adjustables, honing straight razors, replacing scales, even resetting the tang hole, he's in with Drew Dick (artisan maker of straight razors) and Boaby G (nice strops), imports Razorine, and even sells Graeme's carved brushes. He does regular YT videos (SotD, instructionals, reviews etc) and is a very nice guy and enthusiastic about his work. I have bought a Welsh slate off him and he sorted out my Stiz which I had bought on ebay as 'NOS' but had been obviously buggered about with. I don't think you can go far wrong with him, and he's worth a look on YT or joining his FB page.
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