Need your help please gents.

I think this is a great idea. Not sure if you'd come a cropper on the aftershave in a padded envelope though. RM might not allow that:

The plastic bottle would work, but glass or a pouch may not.
Quite a few of us have bought soap pucks from Hampshire Wool Fat and they have been dropped through the letterboxes, flat packs with a small 70g puck of soap basically the height and shape of two chocolate chip cookies. The soap puck was covered with a layer of grease proof paper (I think?) and another layer of clingfilm. Not a huge amount of protection by any stretch of the imagination, but it's just soap! It doesn't matter if it gets a few dents.

I really liked this form of packaging, quite low on resources used as well.

Mike Smart

personally i think your creating a problem that dosent exist, trying to reinvent the wheel sort of speak.
I'm more than happy to pay p&p as long as it's reasonable.
what i won't do is buy one soap at £15-£20 from the states & then double it for shipping.
I know packaging can be a major problem for businesses but i think it's a world we live in.
i like my tubs/jars of soaps and couldn't see me buying anything other than what i would call the norm.
Out of off of Chorley
@James Riley great idea using flat plastic splash bottles that are letterbox friendly. If the plastic is recyclable (which you say this is the aim) then I don't see a problem.

As for the soap; have you considered sending it out in a pouch in a shredded form (the soap not the pouch )? That would mean the recipient would be able to squish the flaked soap into any container they happen to have regardless of size or shape.
I don't know if this is practical or would affect the soap itself. You would better know that than me.
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