name me some good gillette razors, bit confused

just wanted to pick your lots brain, at a guesstimate how much would the long open comb and short open comb set me back?
I put a WTB post on here a couple of years ago and purchased a New SC from a forum member based in the US for $26 + $14 shipping. I have no idea of current prices, but consider posting a WTB on the shaving forums and check ebay and forum BST's for an indication of prices. Good luck with your quest.
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My long comb and short comb together cost me $8.00.

The average cost each on the bay for user grade is probably around $15.00.

...a tad more plentiful in your neck of the woods...akin to you trying to buy an English Rocket in the states at a good price me thinks...that said, if you come across a good New SC with the correct top cap, decent female thread and the gold plating or should I say "gold wash" still in tact, grateful if you would give me a shout (y)
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Slim , fatboy and 109 super adjustable black beauty are my favourites , aristocrat, flair tip , open comb ( too aggressive for me ) , single ring and couple of techs
After a 84 super adjustable, gold super adjustable and a red tip and (that's) me never buying another razor , honest , hand on heart
Hand on wallet more like
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