Want to trade My ATT S2 head (polished) for your ATT SE2 head (polished) | or my S2 with handle for vector

As per title. I’ve got the ATT S2 head that I’d love to trade for SE2 .

S2 is a nice shaver however I’d much rather have another SE razor … somehow I just really like them!

Also got atlas handle which I’d be happy to trade against calypso one (in the same trade - however this is just a nice bonus )

Also happy to trade the whole razor against Vector (slim chance, I know).

or sell for £115 posted
B2096097-C809-4DF5-84AA-5471CF27A9D5.jpeg 85AFEBA2-4CB1-4332-9FA0-B06C08ABCCD7.jpeg
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