Much interest in coffee here still?

Sunny Cornwall
Ah, a familiar face Wintoid! How do you find the Robot? Looks like fun.
Rufus, my other half is Spanish, so we have had many a moka pot when visiting the outlaws. Apparently there's more technique to it than just filling it up with coffee and heating it till it stops. I have made the coffee while over there but not really sure how to get the best from one. I have an espresso machine for home and an aeropress for when I want brewed, cold brew, or for travelling. TBH though, I find the aeropress easy and convenient but not massively inspiring. I've had some great pourover when out, but never invested the time or got the gooseneck kettle etc for doing it at home.
+1 for the Moka pot! :) easy to use and I've even taken it out into the wild woods!

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