Moon Soaps Union

I shaved with the first time with Moon Soaps "Union" today.
This is my second soap from Moon, and like "Havana" it lathers rather easily and provides excellent glide and post shave feel.
The menthol, while not as hardcore as the glacial soaps from Stirling, is a nice gentle, just noticeable cooling effect.

The fragrance is billed as "Barbershop", but I'd be inclined to disagree quite strongly with that interpretation. At least, it doesn't smell like any barbershop I've set foot in.

To my nose the fragrance is more "New age crystal shop". To folks like @Dcshaves the fragrance will be "Fresh Garbage" (not intended as a derogatory, this is the name of an alternative clothing shop in Belfast, which constantly smells of incense)

To me, barbershop is more that "powdery, talc like" scent that you get with the likes of PAA CAD.

Yet, I can't make my mind up about whether or not I love or hate this scent. It was so unexpected at first that I almost rinsed my bowl and brush and went with something else, but I think the hippy, incense and patchouli vibes of this scent might be growing on me.

Regardless of my meanderings about the scent, this soap seems to me to be a good easy performer. I got an excellent shave with it, and it was very moisturising.

As an aside - it seems that the tallow based soaps tend towards a thicker, heavier lather and are more tolerant of water than the vegan varieties offered by the likes of PAA. If I'm not careful with the water, PAA soaps can very easily whip into sea foam like an Italian cappuccino and provide very little lubrication. It seems tallow is more forgiving of mistakes, at least to me.


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