mild/aggressive de blade & mild/aggressive razor, what combo do you prefer?

I seem to have assumed that you were a Head Shaver with a beard, but judging by the amount of DEs you use - you may well Shave your face as well as your Head.
Please correct me if I have got things wrong.
yea thats right, skinhead with beard is the look i love tbh

i havent shaved my facial since i was about 19/20 always had a beard since then and im 36 now,
i have though had it at various lengths, sometimes shorted, sometimes longer but never shaven

tbh ive got a bit of a surreal relationship with shaving, love shaving my head but absolutely hate shaving my facial hair tbh, its strange and i dont understand why

even then when i shaved my beard off at like 19 before i ghrew it back i just remember one thing that stuck with me,
and that was how cold my face felt when the wind hit me as soon as i took a step outside lol
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