Merkur, Muehle & Jagger Heads

Bechet45 said:
What a find! A UK based DE shaving forum. Feels good to know you are all here!

Having bought a Parker with a head that must have been designed during the French Revolution and an open comb Muhle that gives me nicks and weepers, I found that I could swap these heads for a Jagger closed comb - much better suited to my six day old DE practice - and shave relatively closely and all but bloodlessly. Thing is, I love the handles from the razors whose heads are just way too aggressive for me (at this stage anyway) and don't want to risk a mix-up with swapping heads back and forth.
As the Jagger closed comb razors seem best suited to my current ability, does anyone know where I can buy Jagger heads (without a handle)? I guess it doesn't have to be a Jagger per se, just a closed comb and as mild as a Jagger. I await a reply from the Jagger factory but I'm not holding my breath. These are all three piece razors I'm asking about.
Seems wasteful to buy even the cheapest complete razor just to keep the head.

Tried a tech head? Cheap as chips and very mild. You will be able to pick one up here.

Welcome, by the way.
Far from cheap as chips but if you want a Jagger head, here's where to get one -,0,0,1%7C4%7C
Hello all!

Thank you Paul for clarifying all those numbers! :icon_smile:
And also for the cross explanations: I finally understand more about heads!
new head made in the EU for Muehle & Edwin Jagger

Now I know Muehle & Edwin Jagger have the same head design!

However you say they are based on the Merkur design: which head is more aggressive?
I am concerned as I am re-starting to use DE razors, but do not have many, so, in sight of a buy, I'd like to clarify my ideas!

Thank you!
What an excellent thread. After one quick read I now know the designation for the two piece and three piece razors of some manufacturers. What does the C and G stand for on a Merkur (Chrome or Gold finish)?
The top plates are different with Merkur, Muhle, and Jagger razors. The Muhle razor top plate has the least curvature, so this results in more blade exposure. The Jagger top plate has slightly more curvature than Muhle, so the blade exposure is less. The Merkur top plate, from a 3 piece razor, has more curvature so there is even less blade exposure.

So although the Muhle and Jagger heads may appear identical, only the closed combed base plates are, but the top plates have slightly different curvatures. This may partly explain why the R41 open comb has an aggressive reputation because the top plate does not bend the blade quite as much as a Jagger top plate. So the R41 open comb razor could be made less aggressive by using either a Jagger top plate, or a Merkur top plate from a 3 piece razor, since they have the same threading and alignment pin positions.

One thing I have noticed is that when I placed the R41 top plate onto the closed comb plate, the 2 alignment holes were not completely full.
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