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I've used Meissner Tremonia Mint Ice Menthol Shaving Paste for the first time tonight and I can highly recommend it, it's certainly a face freezer and a must for menthol lovers!

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Just a quick reminder to Menthol Lovers: as the summer approaching and weather is getting warmer so naturally wet shaving enthusiasts starts using shaving products with cooling effect.
Today I used the Kent shaving cream, wonderful cream with a decent menthol hit and also with such a pleasant scent(not overpowering at all) and great protection and glide. Don't be put off by the cheap looking tub(also comes in tube), especially the lid of the tub is a chrome effect plastic. I would rate the menthol level quite high as compared to Proraso green.
I was unaware of this product until someone mentioned it here and I thought I would do my bit and remind to the rest of the members.
I think I will try this.Cheers for mentioning.
hmm are they really that strong? to be honest haven't used them, but splash gives a decent menthol hit, but nowhere near as strong as B&M terror soap and balm, or cryogen by chiseled face.

How potent is snake bite aftershave compared to the stirling glacial offering?
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Just buy this

then every soap in your den is a menthol soap :)

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