Menthol Lovers

Just a quick reminder to Menthol Lovers: as the summer approaching and weather is getting warmer so naturally wet shaving enthusiasts starts using shaving products with cooling effect.
Today I used the Kent shaving cream, wonderful cream with a decent menthol hit and also with such a pleasant scent(not overpowering at all) and great protection and glide. Don't be put off by the cheap looking tub(also comes in tube), especially the lid of the tub is a chrome effect plastic. I would rate the menthol level quite high as compared to Proraso green.
I was unaware of this product until someone mentioned it here and I thought I would do my bit and remind to the rest of the members.
One of the very best IMO and not given enough recognition. Super lather and a good level of menthol. Thank you for the reminder will have to pull this beauty out for the summer :)
I wonder whose cream it is ... their soap is Mitchell's; perhaps Ingram's relabelled?
It is definitely not Ingrams, completely different. Texture of the cream is different to TOBS, by the looks(that slightly shiny and consistency) and ease of lathering and lather quality may remind you Body Shop's Macca Root. It is made in England.
Could you please describe what the scent is like?

It's a very odd scent, but really nice at the same time. TBH I'm useless with scent profiles. I can't think of anything that it smells like but it does smell very traditional (reminds me of my grandad).

@Nishy could probably do a much better job of describing it [emoji3]
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