May 2022 Acquisitions

Not too far from LHR
I also found what looks like a vintage alum block.
Indeed! My goodness it must be the world's most expensive alum block though. Found it new but similar branding online for £15 plus shipping! Must be the French writing and the mademoiselle muttering about how soft your beard is that adds value! The packaging is cool admittedly, and a vintage example more so.

From top left - Talbot Shaving Author's Ridge it's earthy, dirt scent. Wet leaves. Not for everyone.
Next Pages from Hub City. Very woody, some leather.
Below, the House of Mammoth Damocles - one word - steel!!!
One of my favorite scent.
And the last House of Mammoth Fu Dao - I have no idea what it smells like:LOL: (except flowers), but I like it a lot.
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