PIF Let’s have a PIF

Over the last 10 months I have been learning to use a straight razor, the support and generosity I have received has been wonderful so I thought it might be nice to give a little back

PIF Includes
Nivea fresh kick balm used once
Nivea men sensitive balm level shown in photo
L’Oréal men expert hydra sensitive balm brand new
Nivea men skin and stubble brand new
Body shop macca root about a quarter or less remaining
CeraVe used a few times
Vito red extra approx 100g
Dusy professional (rose) approx one 3rd of a 250g bar
Blades Tatra, Gillette Wilkinson sword, Willy’s and derby extra
Also throwing in some soap samples that have been sent to me but not getting any use includes wickhams shangri la soap and balm sample, p&b imperial rum, soap commander endurance and honour
Also Barts balm H and C samples and Murdock London bear moisturiser sample

Everyone is welcome to enter but this will be UK only I will leave this up for about 10 days to give people a chance to see it

please make a list and add your name

1. @ sample
2. @
Great PIF, but after winning the last one (reminds me, must post that SOTD) I've been banned by my wife from entering any more :D

I shall bow out of this one, but wish everyone who does enter good luck.
More than welcome to change your mind mate
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