Leaf Shave - The Twig Single Edge Razor

Only having the one version I've no idea how to tell it from the standard one. There are no markings to be seen.

Agreed no mention of it on the Leaf website - the two versions are available on the Agent Shave website.

I was tempted to get both but managed to control myself. If you're happy with the standard version I'd say stick with it as I can't compare the two.

I find Derby Premiums are ok on the first shave but quickly degrade after that. So only having a single shave with the Derby keeps it sweet. Still not as comfortable than other blades though but passable.
Yea strange that leaf Shave don't have it on their site

Thanks for the info mate


Same here, I had no clue of being two versions. Bought mine of Leaf website and there was only one option. The only thing you could choose was the finish.
I'm sure mine is the mild version as I don't get along at all with aggressive razors and this gives me nice comfortable shaves. Like fancontroller I find Derby Premiums work perfect for two shaves max. Anything more than that is starting to be a struggle. I bought the halves so don't even have to snap them (yes, lazy I know).
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