Lands End to John O'groats Challenge Distance Record

And through 11,000Km I go

24th April - 29.61Km
25th April - 31.81Km
26th April - 23.66Km
27th April - 6.00Km (walk)
29th April - 38.17Km
30th April - 30.90Km am
30th April - 10.60Km pm (680.31)
30th April - 6.09Km eve (walk to match)

Total April - 686.40Km

1st May - 21.80Km
2nd May - 41.05Km
4th May - 19.00Km
5th May - 28.32Km
6th May - 6.00Km
7th May - 36.82Km
8th May - 41.53Km
9th May - 8.85Km am
9th May - 28.63Km pm
11th May - 27.37Km am
11th May - 11.41Km pm (walk)
12th May - 29.13Km am
12th May - 14.00Km
13th May - 32.73Km
14th May - 7.11Km am
14th May - 26.25Km pm
15th May - 31.44Km am
15th May - 4.92Km (walk Southport)
16th May - 29.18Km
17th May - 22.53Km
18th May - 6.78Km (walk and swim.)
19th May - 41.23Km
21st May - 28.44Km
22nd May - 23.03Km
23rd May - 31.78Km
23rd May - 4.26Km
24th May - 22.31Km
25th May - 12.99Km (walk and swim)
26th May - 13.27Km (walk and swim)
28th May - 31.04Km
29th May - 1.00Km (swim)
29th May - 29.32Km
30th May - 4.92Km (walk) (721.44)

Total overall - 11016.23Km

Only another 29,000Km to see me around the world.
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