Lands End to John O'groats Challenge Distance Record

Loving the Ti frame
Thank you.
I bought the frame on sale some 10 years ago, built the wheels and put it all together.
It's giving me lots of enjoyment over the years and close to 40k miles.
My winter bike is a Reynolds frame 531c that was put together by Raleigh and I bought it new back in 1989 for £360 :) it's a favourite of mine because it's been with me for 33 years and its comfort. It's only the frame and fork that I have left from that original bike though. I have no idea how many miles I've done on that the 90 and early part of 2000 I didn't keep track of mileage but in 2015 I bought a Garmin computer.
A shorter ride this evening, only 42km. but I deliberately chose the hilliest possible route. 640m of climbing in total. To go touring in the Scottish mountains need to know how to pace yourself on the hills.

I'm going to try to climb the equivalent of Mount Everest (8,849m) while doing Land's End to John O'Groats.

total: 394km - 640m
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