Kai T Type Dispo Razor

Halifax, Republic of Yorkshire






Carbon Steel blades
Formed metal handle
Fetching military green :D

Ha! What a cool little razor! I've just enjoyed a maiden shave with one of these ...

Where the Bic Sensitive is too mild and the Bic Metal can graft skin, this Kai sits in the middle. Clean, close and smooth without any hint of psychotic behaviour, no nipping, no biting, just a smooth run leaving a close and clean cut.

I have seen one disassembled and feared that I might not like it what with the blade being thin, the very thing that pushed me away from double edge shaving, but it played just right. Making a comparison to single edge razors which I know well, I would pitch this about where the GEM Junior sits - not the closest, but effective and smooth with it. In many respects, it's a lot like the Wilkinson Sword bonded system but a damn sight lighter! In fact the razor is quite tiny, but again, single edge shavers who are used to the short handles of the Gem Damaskeene will have no issue.

In all, quite wonderful!
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