June 2022 Acquisitions

Purchased a block of Boellis Panama Italian almond shave soap which is a very soft croap, it’s now not easy to come by and is expensive luxury soap but in my opinion the very best almond soap there is. Bought this to replace two finished soaps in my inventory.
I keep buying this and never using it. I have scored 3 or 4 from the BST.
Design 94 Titanium DE Safety Razor

Mail call from Truefitt & Hill!


I've never used any of their products and so when I saw they very helpfully had reasonably priced sample sets available on their website, I pressed the button. I ordered both the scents and the soaps/balms samplers, as well as a tube of their West Indian Limes shaving cream. This has definitely passed the sniff test and will be used on the next shave.


I tried a couple of their better known colognes, just to start me off. I found the 1805 excellent. “Oceanic with notes of white melon, bergamot and lemon, moss, amber and musk.” Yum!


Next was Trafalgar. “Spicy wood, lemongrass, bergamot orange, spice, amber and musk.” Very similar but it includes SPICE, as in Bay Spice and dries to a musky bay smell. Bay spice does nothing other than remind me of painful trips to the dentist and dental pain. No. Thank you but no.

Finally I tried the West Indian Limes cologne. I’ve used Trumper’s West Indian Limes cologne for years but have always looked out for a rival. While I liked the Truefitt & Hill cologne, it is far sweeter - it actually smells like a lemon drop. It may be longer lasting and more complex than the Trumper’s but I still prefer my old favourite.

So 1805 is the winner at this early stage of the extensive testing to come. :)
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