Halifax, Republic of Yorkshire
Bottle of Gillette Series Wild Rain ...


... no date code on the box, but it's from the '90s.
Cheshire, England
Fragrance clones from Scentville: Amouage Epic Man and Creed Bois du Portugal. Shipping was quite slow, but they arrived in good condition. I have never smelled the originals, so I don't know how similar they actually are, but they smell good in the bottles.
I always pop into Selfridges or Harvey Nichols and have a good gander at the high end perfumes ( for men obviously!) that I fancy before perhaps getting a sample, sometimes I chat up the sales lady to see if I can entice her to give me some samples; what a cad I am!
How would you describe the scent on the toy boy if you don’t mind me asking ?
From the get go all I get is rose - not as dark/rich as mdc but also not exactly bright one - quite a nice balance - then as it develops it goes a bit darker with some spices mixed in (hard to identify with my untrained nose). It is a nice scent - quite playful I’d say. Not sure about daily wear but definitely would wear if going out with girlfriend on a date, going for a night out, maybe even work night out too.

bought it blind and quite happy with the purchase - only 30ml size, but it is nicely priced on notino site (£15.95 for 30ml) - added a small sample with offered free delivery just to evade the postage cost haha
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