if you had to choose one DE/SE/SR for the rest of your life, which one would it be?


This seems a tad dour...I don't know if you are feeling off, but your an experienced hand and know "top five", "favourite", "only one", "best" etc are amongst the most popular threads, often repeated, and serve to keep members, especially new members, informed — of what is currentlly vogue, or members changing preferences. Indeed you have, I would hazard a guess contributed to numerous similar threads previously. Your not deliberately reinforcing a Scotts steryotype are you?' or is it a Glasgow - Edinburgh thing that us soft, southern, heathens don't get... :)

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Yup. Bad day. May I offer unreserved apologies for any that I have offended.
although i said the twig for me, i still havent tried the more aggressive version the thorn, so i wonder if one day once i use that if i'll be more swayed towards that, i got a feeling i will be tbh
I posted this more fuller response next door, to the same question...

The Muhle R89 would be the razor I choose. The Merkur's, Feather, Tech, Superspeeds etc. or other daily drivers are all good in their own way, but for me the Muhle R89 strikes the best balance. It shaves at 30 degrees, an intuitive, ergonomic, shaving angle, unlike the Feather or Tech. It is chromed, which is still superior to polished stainless steel, aluminium, brass or titanium for glide and smoothness. And with the right handle choice, it is beautifully balanced. The male and female threads are now brass and the chrome plating is flawless. But more than this, it is how well judged and easy to access, the shaving performance is; for sure, there are smoother razors (the Feather and Karve being examples), razors that use better quality materials, or provide greater blade rigidity, but the R89's overall balance in terms of smoothness, feedback, efficiency, ergonomics, finishing, aesthetics, weight and cost — hits the Goldilocks zone me thinks. The razors efficiency, comfort and quality of shave also increases with a shavers experience and technique. I would also classify the R89 as a mid-efficient razor, rather than a mild razor, for those that have good technique.

I suspect some of the above attributes, figured in Gillette reasoning, when they chose to re-enter the DE market with Muhle's head, rather than one of the excellent far-east clones of their back catalouge, such as a Tech or Suspeed.

I do not consider it an inexpensive razor, especially compared to the many excellent value for money razors coming out of China, I think it is, we just become blasé to the price being charged by boutique razor manufacturers. I think the many members of shaving forums from yesteryear did new wet shavers a great service by identifying and reccommending the Muhle R89 even though many a new shaver inexplicably drop it for something else, believing it to be, incorrectly in my view, a "starter razor", or too mild, rather than just a great razor period.

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