if you had to choose one DE/SE/SR for the rest of your life, which one would it be?

hello I just made me think about this question and i thought i'd ask you guys because some of you have many vintage and modern de/se/sr razors

so anyways if you had to choose one DE/SE/SR razor for the rest of your life, which one would it be?

Just the ONE no top three or no it's too hard to decide etc,
you have only one to choose from for life!

for me it would be the leaf se razor,

Can easily shave off stubble or even 10-15 days growth with not that many passes tbh


Midlothian, Scotland
We’ve done this a few times but here goes:

My vintage, re-plated, English, slotted base plate, fat handle Tech with said handle weighted using tungsten putty. A simple thing of classic beauty which always offers a no drama DFS. Sturdy, easy to look after and that about says it all.

My answer will be different tomorrow though… ;)
Of my limited modest collection, i keep coming back to my long handled Merkur 20c - same head as 34HD and others - just always a nice, smooth shave with no drama when i use Astra or Derby blades.

Maybe not the most esoteric approach to wet shaving, but far and away better than cartridge or electric shaver and i can do a 3 pass shave in 10 mins with it now, if i am in a rush
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