I must be getting old

Not too far from LHR
Relaxing in the garden with a beer in honour of her Majesty on the occasion of her incredible 70 years in the job, I have run out of new threads to read, the barbie has gone out and the Hotmetalina has gone siesta. Searching for some entertainment to block out the din of the A380s coming in to land at Heathrow on this balmy Bank Holiday weekend, I turn to Spotify for some tunes.

I'm greeted by an [insert collective noun] of playlists under the heading "Platty Joobs 2022".

WTAF?! Woah, 3 syllables followed by another 3, whagwan platty dread? Easy now. Ain't got time for cooling ma heels saying 2 long words in one sentence.

Please can we all agree not to adopt this for our blades? I don't want to be reading about Platty Gillies or Astrasplatz!

Actually, scratch that. Astrasplatz is growing on me. Blame Signor Moretti.
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