Home Made Preshave


Some of the scents are amazing, Crisp & Clear, Cozy Campfire & Walk in The Woods are the ones I've tried thus far, however there are loads to choose from.
Those eBay Ess oils are £4. What about Temu? Vat and postage included. Disregard Sale & Lightning Deal. As soon as a sale ends, another one begins. Temu Oils
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I've started making my own cream (does pre & post). I use E45 unscented moisturizing cream (very well regarded, checkout the reviews on Amazon, and cheap at £4 in B&M for 500g). I use the pre-mixed essential oil on Ebay:
What a waste of an afternoon. I went to B&M and found E45 unscented moisturizing cream at £7.89 for 350 grams. That is £22.54 per litre.
I haven't ever seen E45 in 500 gram tubs.
I settled for XBC Aqueous cream 500 ml for 99 pence in Home Bargains. I'll try a tiny amount with one drop of Ess oil tonight when I shave.
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