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Hi everyone.
I've been a member here for a few months, picking up whatever tips and advice are going. Currently using a DE89 which I like, and working my way through a selection pack of blades. I also have a good vintage straight which I use at the weekend when I have a bit more time. I haven't experimented too much with soaps and creams, just using a Palmolive stick and a synthetic brush I had. Some nice soaps are on the horizon - maybe a Christmas present from the better half!!?? I have a nice vintage Schick injector too which I picked up on eBay - not sure of the model, I'm not at home at the minute. Haven't used it yet, I would need to get some blades for it. Having used carts for years the biggest problem I have is trying to remember 'No Pressure' when DE shaving, but I'm getting there.
Best regards to all Shaving Room members.
The DE89 Palmolive stick, and the synthetic brush are wonderful trio, they will provide you with some sublime shaves..'No Pressure' is the word, 'I've trained my mind to shave the lather from my face, rather than the stubble, this has taught me a excellent way of just letting the weight of the razor & blade do the work, and let me guide them both...I've been rewarded with some excellent no irritation silky smooth shaves...I find that aggressive blades work well with non-aggressive razors & vice versa..Enjoy your shaves try not to expect too much too soon, Regards.:)
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