Hi from Co. Tyrone

Hi everyone.
I've been a member here for a few months, picking up whatever tips and advice are going. Currently using a DE89 which I like, and working my way through a selection pack of blades. I also have a good vintage straight which I use at the weekend when I have a bit more time. I haven't experimented too much with soaps and creams, just using a Palmolive stick and a synthetic brush I had. Some nice soaps are on the horizon - maybe a Christmas present from the better half!!?? I have a nice vintage Schick injector too which I picked up on eBay - not sure of the model, I'm not at home at the minute. Haven't used it yet, I would need to get some blades for it. Having used carts for years the biggest problem I have is trying to remember 'No Pressure' when DE shaving, but I'm getting there.
Best regards to all Shaving Room members.
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