Henson AL13 V2

I've got one, AL13 medium. I like it a lot, I take it with me every time I travel. It's one of the three in my regular rotation (with a brass Karve Overlander and an EJ 3one6). This one was kind of a surprise for me - I prefer heavier razors, but I seem to get along with this Henson just fine. Very easy and comfortable to use, almost never had a weeper with it and yet it's efficient enough with sharper blades (a little less than the other two but enough).
1. Merkur 34 2. Henson (mild), then Executive shaving outlaw.
I've moved on all the razors I didn't get on with, possibly only have 5 now.
I bought a Henson ++, it's fantastic, the best razor I have used, it didn't feel like 3 days growth was being removed, 3 pass BBS was so easy.

Safer than Mavis Riley

The lack of weight wasn't an issue at all, which was a real surprise considering I chopped in a lovely EFBT for a RR GC 76.
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Currently going thorough experimentation phase. But my current favourites are:

Astra green
Lord platinum
Treet Platinum
Suneko Stainless Steel
Silver Star
I have from your list Astra, Permasharp and Suneko.

I have
Rapira super steel
Gillette yellow
Gillette Russian green
Gillette Minora
Gillette Nacet

So far Ladas and GSB have worked well
Is the £30 difference between the V1 and V2 worth it?

Not tried the V1 - but if you are planning to use the razor for any length of time, the incremental cost on a per shave basis will be minimal. Also, if you do decide to move it on, I expect the V2 will be in greater demand
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