HELP - I’m in bits!

Was cleaning my Merkur 34C tonight after my shave, and the inside fell out! There appears to be a little collar that should keep the knurled bit inside the handle, but it has all come out and I can’t get it back together. If I ignore the little collar it will go together ok but the whole bit that you twist comes out, so I could just use it as an unusual 3 piece!

Is this common, if so what do people do, is it safe to use when screwed together (doesn’t feel any different and doesn’t seem to come loose).

Any ideas/fixes/comments/etc - preferably helpful!

Got it pre-loved (that’s what used to be second-hand) so don’t know how I stand with Merkur.

Any ideas/fixes/comments/etc - preferably helpful!

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Hopefully your answer might lie in purchasing and fitting a replacement "expansion ring" as described in this thread:

Hopefully your answer might lie in purchasing and fitting a replacement "expansion ring" as described in this thread:

That is helpful. Thank you. However in my case I have the expansion ring (it was still on the bit of handle that came out) but I can't get the 3 bits of handle back together !
But I may get somewhere with the Merkur helpline - perhaps!
Hey, This link might help:

How to fix my 34c - reddit

You apparently have to squeeze the compression ring when in place (see photo in link)...
Thanks, this confirms that I was trying the right things, but my fingers are not strong enough - I tried using a small pair of pliers but just ended up distorting the ring and still can't get them to clip together!
Done it!!!
Pheeww - I was worried for a bit there that I had broken it. But no, with some patience and gentle manipulation with my little watch mending pliers I managed to persuade the 3 bits to clip together, and it seems to be fine now. It seems to screw together a little firmer then previously and no longer rattles when open. Hopefully it is fixed for good!
My Merkur Progress uses the same system and it is, as you say, difficult to get it all back together.

I have found the best way is to get it all lined up in place, then squeeze the compression ring together from the sides with thumb and forefinger, whilst using another finger to push it into its groove from below (if that makes sense) as you can easily have it squeezed together enough, but it wont go in because it is standing out from its groove at the back (if that also makes sense !!!)

Even when its all aligned perfectly, it can take a bit of a shove to get it back.
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