Hello to everyone


Cheers ATG have been looking at the Single Edges but do really like the idea of an injector razor, trouble is in the UK they are well over priced compared to the US, but buying from the US, expensive shipping plus possible custom taxes, so will keep an eye out for a cheapo Injector razor
on Ebay or Etsy.
I bought one from @ajc347 and he had another two for sale. Maybe give him a shout and see if they are still available.
Greater London
Any blade recommendations there invicta? much appreciated you took the time to answer.
I have tried various but the Astra SP seem to give a good result. The Voskhod and Rapira Super Stainless were not too bad either. Blades are very subjective so try a few but for a razor that has positive blade exposure, smoothness from a blade is an advantage I find.
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