Hello from Belgium

Hi all,

A quick introduction: 54, still working in the air force (Search and rescue heli's), dad of three, granddad of 2, nr 3 on the way.
Discovered this forum since I'm into wet shaving, reading from time to time but now it' about time to register.

Have been wetshaving since I grew a beard (don't like electric razors) with various Gillette cartridges.
And end last year the kids gave me a Muhlle Rytmo (R89 with wooden handle and matching badger brush) set as a xmass-present.

Since then a new world opened... As many went a bit mad in buying various soaps and blades but settled down a bit now :).
Favorite razor (for the moment) is a Fatip Lo Storto Originale, favorite blades Gillette nacet and platinum, rapira Lux, Personna blue labs......
North Wales
Welcome to TSR @sandorfi !
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