Heads up all Ach Brito Mogno back in stock


Sunny Cornwall
They are probably scratching there heads in Portugal wondering why a sudden upsurge of sales in the UK. :)
Who needs an advertising campaign when you have fourms, it keeps them on their toes though because if the product is rubbish the fourms can kill sales in a flash! if a product is really good sales will continue but if it's just ok it will be forgotten about when the next new thing comes along! we are a fickle bunch! :)

So in order to qualify for the free shipping on the soap, I ended up buying Signature Soaps Hibernia Hybrid Shaving Soap
also the Signature Soaps Eboracum Hybrid Shaving Soap.
I believe is made from a forum member and hope they are well suited to straight razor shaving.
I am super excited for all these products and I might look for matching aftershaves if there is some.
top marks TSR for spending my money and the wife is now shoe shopping to balance the books lmao.
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