Has Cella Red tub been reformulated??

There are quite a few Almond soaps, Vitos Red and Green being the classics they are tallow based though, they are slick and have excellent cushion; Fergybilly uses Vitos Red for his straight shaves.
Vitos Vegetale is supposed to be excellent, vegan base, Scotshave rates it.

There's a DR Harris almond soap as well, no idea how it performs.
Vitos Vegetale is very good, imo. Its almond fragrance is more pronounced than Cella or Vitos.
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The 3P I've had in the past had the following ingredient list: Stearic Acid, Aqua, Cocos Nucifera, Potassium Hydroxide, Sodium Hydroxide, Parfum & Potassium Carbonate ... but looking for it today, I'm finding it listed as "enriched with glycerin, palm oil and aloe vera juice for a smooth, comforting shave" none of which were in the soap I had in the past. Maybe that's had a reformulation since.

Either way, I really enjoyed 3P when I used it. I did not like Cella. Do love VITOS Supercrema, but not tried the Vegetale. If an all veg constitution is what is being sought, I'd recommend 3P but with the above query on ingredients.

EDIT: Looking closely at the brick that Connaught sell, it would appear to be the same as the ingredient list above. Perhaps those other ingredients pertain to the cream? The cream is a bit like Prep Creme, more of a pre/post shave cream but I've used it very successfully for actually shaving. It's latherless and VERY slick. Back to the soap, it does look like the ingredients are as they were when I used it a few years ago.
Has anybody really confirmed the Cella block doesn't have the same ingrediants as the new red tub??



The block doesn't contain the last ingredient, but it's the same as aside from that.
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