Hampshire wool fat shaving soap

I just shaved using the Hampshire wool fat soap. Very impressive. I lathered the puck from my hand using a Simpson T3 synthetic and it was very easy to create a lather.
There was probably enough lather on my hand for 2 passes! Creating the lather on my face was easy and this soap does take a good amount of water to dial it in. Adding enough water rewards you with a thick, creamy glossy lather with a nice shine on it. I think this soap is easier to dial in than MWF.
The scent is not too pronounced but it's enough to pick out the cedarwood, but the patchouli is the more prominent note to my nose.
I read some say that the scent isn't as strong on the face and I agree with that but you can still smell it enough to enjoy.
Good slickness and glide, not the best I've used but plenty enough protection. I thought the cushion was really good as the lather is quite dense which I liked. The post shave feel was great, similar to MWF.

I contacted Ratna and she said the next batch will be ready around 8th March. She said she would like to introduce some different scents in this base but there's a lot of hoops to jump through to get a new soap certified etc.
Lets hope there's enough interest to get her to go down that route.
Thanks to all who discoverrd this soap. It's always good to find a new UK artisan making great shaving soap.
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