Greetings from Derbyshire/Missouri

Good evening all.

Just a quick 'Hi' and thanks to all posters for the wealth of fascinating info on this site.

Originally from St Louis, - now near Chesterfield UK, Sicilian grandparents and a wife from Essex - like yoghurt there's a mix of culture in the household.

Under three weeks ago I decided to ditch the plastic and embark on the journey - and I honestly cant remember what started it.

I've already collected 1 Muhle, a vintage Gillette Aristocrat, my birth year Gillette Super Speed, some cream & a brush from Taylors and a sampler blade pack.

I may have become a bit obsessed as my beard isn't growing fast enough.

I'll post some q's on the main forum as I am having some irritation lately (not my ex wife), but overall loving the experience, pace, 'me time', smells, and finding another thing to spend money I don't have on.
Welcome - I seem to remember there is a Chesterfield in or near St Louis - good to see you moving to the original, UK version!
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