@Boycie83 - thanks, that works. For Chrome users - follow this link the Chrome Webstore -

It is a wee bit clunky - you need to install an extension in the top bar - when you come to a page with animated content select the icon and make your choice - allow, allow animation to run once or block completely. If the latter is chosen you are left with a still image - which is fine for me, I can ignore that easily. It does not block links to YouTube. It seems to work on a top domain name basis - and works across the whole of the site and remembers your preference. This is the only place I see Gifs/Giphs - so that is pretty much the perfect solution for me.


How will you understand or communicate with millenials \_(ツ)_/¯ or indeed recognise when governments, think tanks and commentators are building a dominant narrative? it is the language of now...not unlike the development of mandarin I suspect :) ... next you'll be saying you abhor split infinitives, where will it end!... potuimus omnes redire ad scribendum i putant latine
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