Gillette Tech

pre-War (number 8)

... or course if you sand the nickel off any British FB and take a smidge of the brass off as well, you'll be in for a treat!

Did you ever feeler gauge the blade gap on any of these? I did on several a few years back and if I recall all were right at 0.025" + or - 0.002", i.e., the same for all intents & purposes. The only exception is the one "Contract" Tech I have which is milder than normal. Of course, it is not in the best of shape either. As you well know, I subscribe to the more stable blade clamping theory for the post-war Tech theory.
I have a few brass Techs, a few from before WW2, and one from after it. There are slight differences between them for efficiency, but IMO I don't think they have any bearing on how close a shave I can get with any of them, with the right blade and technique they all produce exceptional results.
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