Gillette (Shanghai) Blades Now Available In The UK

Halifax, Republic of Yorkshire
There's a new player on the field, or at least new packaging:

Is this not just a promotional pack for the more regular Chinese made Viet Nam market Super Thin?


^ New! Super good, super sharp ...


It says "Scratch and Win Gold" on the front, so a bit like the SuperMax Sunrise blades, which were the regular green/yellow pack but had the "Golden Ticket" promotion included:


... but good spot for folks wanting to collect different packaging.

FWIW the more regular pack says "New! Super good, super sharp".
Yes, I believe you're right. However, I ordered a few as to be frank I think the Viet version I tried a few years back were probably fakes. There were at that time a few vendors selling those here in country and it seemed as if almost everyone despised them as being rough which is as we know not characteristic of Gillette blades. The same thing happened here with some Super Gillette Blue blades as well. I still have a few of those and they are a very clever fake with excellent box graphics, but shave like a bean can lid!! o_O
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