Gillette Perma-Sharp

If you want to know what a real blade is then find some NOS Gillette Blue Blades (carbon steel) made after they started coating them in the late 50's and better yet from the late 60's - early 70's. I have never used a smoother (sharper) blade. (y) ;)

Then those damned Englishmen came along from the garden tool co. and ruined it all!! :mad:


I'm sure they're great blades @Bogeyman and I’d love to try one however I suspect they’re harder to find than rocking horse shit and more expensive than gold. o_O

Reminds me .......... the blade on the lawnmower needs sharpened ! :LOL:
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Many apologies guys, it appears I’ve been a twat and not done my due diligence before starting this thread. I assumed ( for whatever reason ) the Gillette Perma-Sharps were out of Russia. Maybe I just assumed this because of the similarity in how it shaved to the GSB and 7 O’Clock SS.
It seems they’re made in Turkey so in fact not from the same factory as the other 2 Gillettes I like so much.
In any case I found them to be superb and I appreciate all the comments and feedback.

They are made in St Petersburg, Gillette following it's usual strategy of buying the brand and then consolidating production to maximize economies of scale. The Turkey specific branding has been retained as the size of the core market makes it viable. The only blades sold by Gillette that are not made in its core production facilities are a few Indian brands e.g. the Winner, which are subcontracted.
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