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I've been using the black "ninja" from India - got some in a sample pack - and really like these. They are smooth and last me 5 shaves.

Uh-oh, just loaded my last one - must remember to get some more...
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I have used the yellow's in the Merkur 34 and on the first run I found them to be on the 'scary' side of sharp, but I'm on my 4th use of the same blade and the edge is still sharp.

They do 'calm' down after the first shave, just need to be careful on the first run.

The problem is, once you find a very sharp blade everything else seems to be blunt in comparison.
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I'm a fan of both. I find the green super stainless (the Russian greens) are extremely smooth and fairly sharp but only last me 3 shaves or so. The Yellow sharpedge are sharper, but admitedly are slightly rough on first shave... they do get smoother after that and they seem to last longer, usually 5 shaves for me.
Everyone differs but the answer seems simple to me, get rid of your yellows and stick with greens. Must admit, I prefer the green though I think we're probably in a minority.
Must try those Greens and Blacks
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