Gifts & Care UK Delivery Not Yet Available

Just a bit of info, after I tried to order something from the Gifts & Care site, after I had seen a thread after searching for Myrsol products, as I'm after a specific one that they stock and Maggards, etc. won't send due to alcohol content.
The response I received was at least positive that they are wanting to send stuff to the UK at some point.

"We have already requested an EORI number that is now required for shipments to the UK, but it might take a few weeks to receive it.
As soon as we meet all the requirements, we will start shipments again." and "Sorry for any inconvenience"

Looks like I'll have to speak to one of my friends on the continent and find out when they are next visiting UK so that I can get the stuff for my brother's 50th if the red tape isn't cut soon.

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