Geo Trumper -shit??

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I ended up with a Trumper sandalwood shaving soap once upon a time, and found it utterly shite :D was consigned to use as a bath soap.
Im getting curious to give Trumpers another go, a mixture of wondering whether it was just inexperience and also thinking surely Trumpers wouldn't put out a sub standard product.
I've always seen a lot of bad reviews, does anyone actually have a positive experience of them?
I fully recommend their creams, (like others on here have already). The only good soaps I have used are Varesino, theses are excellent. After having wool fat (which I relegated to a bath soap) I figured lifes too short. I now only buy creams. Good luck on your journey.
I have a Trumpers Rose sola which I've had a while and it seems to work ok?. I certainly like Trumpers creams and have used them for a long time with Cartridge razors.
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