Geo. F. Trumper creams

... coz they're the Truefitt & Hill formulation.

We gather that Trumpers, TOBS, T&H and possibly DR Harris & Cyril R Salter are all made by the same company and so it is amazing that they all work and one or two are even great ... yet Trumpers (despite a pretty recent re-re-formulation) are still the lame donkey in this line-up. I bet T&H are literally laughing at them!


Trumper - Soapworks (excl Officer & Gentleman / Oxford Blue)
T&H - was Soapworks, now Culmak vege for newer fragrances
DRH - Culmak tallow
Cyril Salter - Culmak tallow
TOBS - Culmak vege
Floris - was Soapworks, now Culmak vege
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