Fountain Pen for Grandson

If he goes to the kind of school I went to, more chance of making it home alive with an ordinary pen ;)
Haha same! My parents moved area and dumped me in the local comp with a shiny pair of brogues, leather briefcase and Shaeffer fountain pen. That and my accent provided the rest of them (tracky bottoms, books in a Tesco bag) with plenty ammo.

Since then I buy my pens from Heinnie Haynes ... You can write upside down in space, slice seat belts and break windows with them.
Old Kilpatrick, Scotland.
@BigBruce .... I think that I am going to have to push the Ignore button on you. You have been costing me money. First it was lamy and now it's Platinum. A couple of Preppys and adapters are winging their way to me now. I have a collection of converters I can try so (fingers crossed) I will get something which works!
Glad to be of assistance..... :ROFLMAO:
I can recommend some nice whiskies as wello_O
Folks - very many thanks for your replies and suggestions. I have just bought the Al-Star, some refills, a converter AND a Kuru Toga pencil (as suggested, but also as I use one too!) - all from Cult Pens, who I have used before.

Let's hope I won't be in too much trouble from D-i-L, but the Lamy blue is supposed to be washable - honest!
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