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Now and again I get messages from members who want to donate to the running costs of the forum. There used to be a donate 'add on' a few software versions ago but there were some issues with it so I removed it. One of the features of the board software is to create a user upgrade option. I have previously used it for vendors to rent their own forum space for advertising etc but the older software versions relied a lot on manual intervention and were a tad clumsy with regard to expired upgrades etc (boring I know) so it didn't really go as well as hoped. While I was reworking the Vendor Sponsor section I thought it might be a good idea to offer a user account upgrade for all members thus solving the problem of having a donation add-on for people who want to use it.
There is only one real difference between an upgraded account and a standard account and that is.... for the duration of an upgrade, advertising is switched off.
Nothing else (except a supporter badge), no hidden forum, no extra permissions, nothing. Bargain I hear you say!!!
There are 4 options for upgrade
  1. Yearly Recurring - recurring payment of £20 every 12 months
  2. Monthly Recurring - recurring payment of £2 every month
  3. Yearly Non-Recurring - One-off payment of £20
  4. Monthly Non-Recurring - One-off payment of £2
The upgrade link can be found by clicking your user name on the menu bar and selecting 'Account Upgrades'
Please note, there is no requirement (and never will be) to upgrade, it's just an easy way to provide a mechanism for people to donate if they want to.
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