Fitjar Islands Folgefonn


Sunny Cornwall
i will try it before I pass judgement on it, I like MdC, a lot infact and think it is worth every penny and untill I try this Fitjar hard soap I'm certainly not going to knock it because of its price, it could be outstanding. :) P.
Apologies for resurrecting another thread but as a newbie here, at least I'm using the search function ;)

I just received my first (fit)jar of Fitjar from Executive Shaving, annoyingly before I realised there was a TSR discount. There's always next time. I ordered the Fjellheim soap, which is a hard puck. It sounded very natural and refreshing, as the previously quoted marketing spiel promises.

It certainly delivers on freshness and the cedar, pine, juniper on a sniff test. Compared to soaps already in my collection, it seems to my nose to be a combination of P&B's Trafalgar for the ozone and tree scents (birch in their case) with a hint of the juniper from Spitfire. Overall Fjellheim is closer, but different, to Trafalgar, which is handy as P&B have had to discontinue Trafalgar.

I'm looking forward to trying it on my next shave.

BTW I had no idea where the Fitjar Islands were, so as always, Google was my friend. They're pretty remote and good on them for making something excellent during those long, dark, Norwegian winter nights.

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