For Sale FINAL REDUCTION!!! - Brushes and razors lots

Hi everyone, I am putting for sale the following lots

1) Brushes Lot:

a. Simpson Chubby 2 Synth - like new - I love boars and this has good backbone and lathers everything in seconds. I just don't like the face feel of synthetic fibres. I sold in the past my other two synth here (Razorock tuxedo and AP Shave co Cashmere). I believe this was my last attempt on synth (for now at least) SOLD thanks to buyer and TSR

I ask £50 + shipping for both

2) Vintage Razors and brush Lot:

a. Gillette slim twist (I believe the name is correct) - very good razor for beginners and for who like mild razors
b. Gillette Slim adjustable - I like the way it shaves (above 6), but I reach my other razors more. Btw, as you can see from the pic, if you cannot live with the brass exposure, the razor needs to be replated. Other than that, it is fully functional and so are both mechanism (tto and adjusting knob)
c. Yaqi 24mm Marble 2-band Silvertip - If you like very soft and "pillowy" brushes, then that's it! I've used probably 15-ish times.

For both razors, I forgot the date and how to read the codes. I believe you can gather this from the pics

I ask £40 + shipping for both please note, this lot is not going to be sold separately.

£70 + shipping for both lots.

Shipping is on top of the asking price and the type (1st, 2nd class etc) is chosen by the buyer.
I include 2nd class shipping via Royal Mail.

Payment via Paypal or bank transfer

l 20210422_174126.jpg 20210422_174221.jpg 20210422_174253.jpg 20210422_174323.jpg 20210422_174336.jpg 20210422_174401.jpg 20210422_174433.jpg 20210422_174450.jpg
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Hi, I’m interested in the Chubby 3 synthetic, but not the Yaqi as I only use synthetic brushes. Would you be willing to sell the Chubby on its own ?
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